Do Blackout curtains really reduce noise? The Truth

Do Blackout curtains really reduce noise? The Truth

Blackout curtains are becoming more and more popular these days because of their distinctive features.

Usually, they are recognized for their ability to create darkness within a room, blackout curtains excel at one primary function—blocking out external light sources.

But they do some more work than just blocking the light. So, do these curtains also possess the capability to reduce unwanted noise?

Well, to be honest, we are getting a lot of questions related to it. So let’s find out if they also provide soundproofing benefits or not.

Do blackout curtains reduce noise?

blackout curtains

In a nutshell, YES, blackout curtains do reduce noise because of their dense and often multi-layered construction. However, they don’t function as effectively as dedicated soundproofing curtains.

Interestingly, they operate similarly to soundproof curtains by absorbing sound waves that try to pass through them. (Read: Do acoustic curtains work?)

This effect is particularly noticeable for high-frequency sounds and general ambient noise, providing a moderate level of noise reduction.

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How much do blackout curtains reduce noise?

Well, to give as accurate an answer as possible. We tested different blackout curtains with various prices and layers to see how well they reduce noise.

The results showed that curtains with three layers or more cut down noise by an average of 17 decibels (dB), while those with two layers or fewer reduced noise by an average of 10.7 dB.

These numbers are pretty good, considering blackout curtains aren’t specifically made for blocking noise, but some do a decent job.

On average, a blackout curtain can reduce noise by about 13 db. However, the exact amount can vary depending on the things like:

  • Material Thickness and Density: Curtains made from thicker and denser materials tend to absorb and reduce sound more effectively.
  • Type of Materials: The specific materials used in the curtains play a significant role in determining their noise reduction capabilities.
  • Number of Layers: Generally, the more layers a curtain has the better it contributes to sound reduction.

Are blackout curtains deliberately designed to reduce noise?

No, blackout curtains are not deliberately designed for noise reduction. Their primary purpose is to block out light, and they are constructed with dense, opaque materials to achieve this. While the thick fabric of blackout curtains do provide a modest reduction in noise by absorbing sound waves, noise reduction is not their main design focus.

Should you get blackout curtains for your bedroom?

It depends on your and your needs. If you want to make your bedroom, in other words to block the light coming in then a blackout curtain is good for you.

On the other hand, if you want to reduce outside noise coming into your room then you should opt for soundproofing or acoustic curtains.

However, if you want both then you should look for a curtain that offers both a good level of light blocking and sound reducing capacities.

How to identify blackout curtains that reduce noise?

To identify blackout curtains that also reduce noise, consider the following factors:

  • First of all, check the materials and make sure it is made up of material like velvet or suede as these are the heavy fabrics materials that work better than others.
  • In addition to this, look for curtains that are thick and heavy. Thickness matters a lot.
  • Also, try to go with curtains with multiple layers. Curtains with 3 or more layers are suitable options.

If you want to learn more about choosing right blackout curtain that reduce noise then this post is recommended to read:

Frequently Asked Questions

Do blackout curtains completely eliminate outside noise?

Ans: No blackout curtains does not completely eliminate outside noise and even soundproof curtains can’t.

How much decibel reduction can I expect with blackout curtains?

Ans: Based on the small test that we did, blackout curtains can reduce noise by 10 to 17 db.

What curtains are best for soundproofing?

Ans: Curtains that are heavy and thick and are made from materials such as Suede and velvet and are of multiple layers are considered as best for soundproofing. Or if the curtain is STC rated then make sure its STC rating is at least higher than 25.

My final thought

In conclusion, blackout curtains have some capability to reduce noise, thanks to their dense and often multi-layered construction. They work just like acoustic curtains.

They can lower noise by up to 17 dB depending on the factors like thickness and weight of the curtain. And there you have it – that wraps up our exploration of the noise-reducing capabilities of blackout curtains.


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