Do soundproof window inserts work? The truth

Do soundproof window inserts work? The truth

You’ve probably noticed there are a ton of ways to tackle the noise invasion at your windows, and they range from DIY basic to “maybe-I-need-a-second-job” advanced. 

Now, there’s this popular kid on the block called Soundproofing Window Inserts, but the online info on them? Kind of like searching for a needle in a haystack. 

And let’s be real, these inserts aren’t exactly rocking a bargain price tag.

So, before you commit to spending your hard-earned cash, the burning question is this: Do these soundproof window inserts actually get the job done? 

Well, buckle up because we’re diving deep into that in this post. Stick around, and let’s get started…

What actually are soundproof window inserts?

Soundproof window inserts are basically like noise-blocking add-ons for windows that are installed on the interior side of it. They’re designed to reduce outside noise from entering your space through the window making it quieter inside.

These inserts are usually made of materials that absorb or block sound waves.

They are made up of materials, such as foam or laminated glass, and can be either transparent or opaque depending on the materials they are made up of. 

Do soundproof window inserts reduce noise?

Install Acoustic Window Inserts to soundproof your window

The simple answer to this question is YES soundproof window inserts do reduce noise and they are very good at it.

However, it doesn’t fit all inserts because not all are created equally, some are made of up sound-absorbing materials and some are made up of sound-blocking materials.

This is the game-changer. The material is the VIP here, determining whether your insert is a noise-reducing maestro or just a well-intentioned piece that doesn’t quite hit the mark.

How do these window inserts work?

Remember when we talked about soundproof window inserts being made of different stuff? Well, if they are made up of noise-absorbing materials, they soak up the noise like a sponge.

On the other hand, those that are made from high-density materials such as laminated glass, straight-up block it rather than absorb it.

How much noise can they reduce?

So how much noise a window insert can reduce varies from insert to insert and yes it dials down to the materials they are made up of.

And to be honest, there are no window inserts in the market that are made up of sound-absorbing materials that can reduce the noise to an acceptable level so I haven’t any experience with them, but I’ve messed around with some soundproof glass window inserts.

So, I did a bit of a test – you know, before and after style. Before the inserts, the noise was humming at around 77 decibels.

And after the installation of the window inserts the noise level dropped down to 39 dB. So a soundproof window inserts can reduce the noise by up to 38-45dB.

How much do soundproof window inserts cost?

Soundproof window inserts are not cheap at all but they are not very expensive either. However, if you look on the cheaper side you can get one for under $100, but if you are looking for a quality soundproof window insert that actually reduces noise to a satisfactory level then it will cost you over $200 to $400 per window.

Best soundproof window inserts 

soundproof window inserts

Currently, the market doesn’t offer a wide variety of window inserts, but I found one that truly stands out in the crowd: “Fantastic Frame™ Soundproof Window Inserts.” It is the best soundproof window insert on the market.

These inserts stand out as a pinnacle solution for noise reduction and thermal insulation. The installation process was straightforward. I installed it on my noisy bay window which is quiet now.

And I appreciated the nearly invisible nature of these inserts, seamlessly blending into the window frame.

After installing it in my window I noticed a noise reduction of almost 40 dB. Beyond their noise-reducing prowess, the Fantastic Frame inserts also excel in thermal insulation. I’ve noticed a significant drop in my energy bills.

The energy bills were reduced by almost 18%. What’s cool is that these inserts are built to last. The frame and acrylic are tough and can handle whatever life throws at them.

You can even paint the frame to match your style. It is worth every penny. However, it is expensive and will cost you more than $285.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do soundproof window inserts also improve insulation?

Yes, soundproof window inserts can also improve insulation. Inserts that are made with materials like acrylic, glass, or vinyl, are pretty good at keeping the outside temperatures from sneaking in.

Are there any potential drawbacks to using these inserts?

Well, there are not any major drawbacks to using soundproofing window inserts. The only drawback is that if your window already has an air conditioning unit in place, installing soundproof window inserts can present certain challenges. In some cases, it might even be necessary to remove the AC unit from the window to accommodate the installation of the inserts.

Can I install soundproof window inserts in an apartment or rental property?

Yes, you can install soundproof window inserts in an apartment or rental property. Soundproof window inserts are removable and temporary solutions designed to reduce noise transmission through windows making them perfect for use in rental property.

However, you should check with your landlord or property management before installing them. Some landlords may have restrictions on modifications, even if they are temporary.

Can I still enjoy natural light with soundproof window inserts installed?

Yes, you can still enjoy natural light with soundproof window inserts installed. Most soundproof window inserts are made of transparent materials, such as acrylic or glass, which allows natural light to pass through.

My final thought

In summary, soundproof window inserts excel at reducing noise levels by up to 33 dB, making them the best option for window soundproofing. The best thing is that you can soundproof your windows without replacing them with it.

Their cost varies, ranging from $100 to $500, depending on size and material. These inserts are suitable for apartments, provided management approval is obtained.

In my opinion, they are best options for soundproofing single-pane windows and for windows that are noisy.

Overall, they are a worthwhile investment for sound-conscious individuals. Choose wisely based on your budget and noise reduction needs. Peace out!

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