How to soundproof an apartment wall? {5 Proven ways}

How to soundproof an apartment wall? {5 Proven ways}

Living in an apartment comes with its fair share of challenges, especially the constant unwanted sounds from all sides – neighbors next door, those above, and even below. 

I’ve been there for three and a half years, so I know the struggle. From my experience, the biggest culprit is usually the side neighbors. 

And the solution is soundproof as you know. So how do you soundproof your apartment walls to reduce noise? 

Well, this is what we are going to talk about in this post and give you some lesser-known techniques to soundproof apartment walls. Let’s get into it…

5 Proven ways to soundproof apartment walls

1: Attach acoustic panels

Attaching acoustic panels is one of the best solutions for noise reduction. You can put it on your apartment walls to soundproof. For best results, you should go for panels with a high NRC rating (usually above 0.8). 

Attach acoustic panels to soundproof apartment wall

Most of the acoustic panels are self-adhesive, so it becomes a lot more convenient to attach them to the walls. 

However, let me tell you that these panels are more effective at sound absorption so they may not provide you the result you are looking for. 

But yeah acoustic panels are affordable and more suitable for apartment walls than any other method.

2: Hang soundproof curtains

Using soundproof curtains is one of my favorite ways to reduce the noise passing through an apartment wall. It might sound a bit unconventional, but it gets the job done.

make apartment wall soundproof by hanging soundproof curtains

Simply hang these curtains on your wall, and make sure you don’t need to drill any holes for installation if you want to soundproof the apartment without damaging walls. 

In case you’re wondering how to pull this off, check out this post on hanging curtains without drilling.

Soundproof curtains are counted among noise-absorbing materials, but they do a nice job of lowering the noise level. 

From a little test I conducted, they managed to reduce noise by an impressive 29 dB, which is very satisfactory. 

And if you are wondering about the cost, then let me tell you that they are very affordable, typically ranging up to $50 for a quality soundproof curtain.

3: Use soundproof blankets

Soundproof blankets are another practical solution for apartment wall soundproofing.

These blankets work the same as soundproof curtains and YES they are effective at cutting down noise levels even low-frequency noises.

attach soundproof blankets on wall

Now if you are wondering how you would actually install a soundproof blanket on the wall. So to do so, you can either nail them or attach the blanket to the wall with heavy-duty glue.

While both methods are viable, I lean towards the nailing option for its renter-friendly nature. It’s often easier to reverse without leaving lasting damage. 

4: Attach furniture against the wall

Now your apartment has movable furniture then you can use it wisely for soundproofing purposes.

You already know that furniture like chairs, and sofas have mass which is perfect for noise reduction. And yes they are very effective at it.

However, getting a fully soundproof space just using the furniture is nearly impossible. So you pair this technique by installing soundproof curtains, panels, or even blankets.

For example, you can first install the soundproof curtain and then put the sofas close to the wall. 

5: Install drywall to the wall (if the DOB allows)

Drywall is by far the best choice for soundproofing apartment walls as long as the department of building allows.

Whether you are soundproofing a thin wall or just a regular apartment wall drywall can be a game changer. 

Talking about the installation, it is really easy. All you just need is the drywall sheets according to your requirements and 2 inches screws to attach them to the wall, that’s it.

Drywall is very effective at noise blocking, it can easily block noise up to 30-35 dB. It can cost you anywhere between $15–$60 per panel.

And it is also a little bit renter friendly as it can detach from the walls by unscrewing the screws attentively. Drywall can be used for almost every wall and also for soundproofing flex wall.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do acoustic panels work in apartments?

Yes, acoustic panels can help reduce noise in apartments. These panels are mostly covered with fabrics and are designed to absorb sound waves that hit them. However they can’t eliminate noise, but they do contribute significantly to noise reduction by effectively absorbing sound waves.

How to soundproof an apartment wall from the outside?

Soundproofing apartment walls from the outside is uncommon; it’s usually more effective to focus on the interior. However, if necessary, attaching drywall with screws spaced 12 inches apart is the best option. BTW, always check local regulations before making exterior modifications.

How to soundproof an apartment wall for music?

In my opinion, the best way to soundproof an apartment wall for music is by using heavy soundproofing blankets with an STC rating of above 30. Blankets with such a high STC rating can efficiently reduce noise by up to 75%. In case, if you have a higher budget than that then first install a layer of drywall and then install the soundproofing blanket.


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