{8 Best} Devices To Annoy Neighbors

Are you tired of dealing with the stomping sounds coming from your upstairs neighbor? I can understand your frustration!

In our previous article, we discussed various methods to deal with noisy upstairs neighbors.

However, if those strategies fall short to your neighbors, and now you’re ready to show them just how bothersome their stomping truly is? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

In this post, I’ll share with you the 8 best high-pitched devices to annoy noisy neighbors. All the devices mentioned in this article are safe and do not pose any harmful effects.

Keep reading to find out the best device for noisy neighbors.

Why you should annoy your neighbors?

Here is a question for you: have your neighbors ever disturbed you with loud music, barking dogs, or even parties that go on into the wee hours of the night?

If yes, then you know the feelings of anger and frustration it causes. So why not give them a taste of their own medicine?

Annoying your neighbors can be the perfect way to get back at them for all the sleepless nights they caused you.

But before that, talk to your neighbors and ask them to stop these disturbances. This is because some neighbors are understanding, they try to reduce the noise that’s bothering you.

While others may not be as friendly. In such cases, you may consider using one of the devices that I have mentioned in this post to annoy them.

This will send a strong message that their stomping is not acceptable at all and needs to stop, otherwise, you will also behave noisily and stomp back.

Hopefully, this will encourage them to be more considerate and respectful of your peace and quiet.😉

8 high-pitched devices to annoy neighbors

Here are eight devices that you can use to irritate your neighbors upstairs:

1. Ceiling Vibrator

ceiling-vibrator-to-annoy upstairs neighbors

Look, if you want to really get under your neighbor’s skin and irritate them heavily, then the ceiling vibrator, also known as ceiling thumber, is a perfect device for you to get the job done.

A ceiling vibrator basically works by using vibration technology to emit sound waves that cause a loud buzzing noise. The noise loud buzzing noise it produces by vibrating can be very annoying and almost impossible to ignore.

Ceiling thumber typically consist of a long flexible shaft and a vibrator. The shaft is usually made of steel. The popularity of this device has skyrocketed as a way to annoy neighbors due to its hardcore effectiveness and easy installation.

To set up a ceiling vibrator, all you need is an electrical outlet and to attach it securely to the ceiling. Once in place, simply flip a switch, and the ceiling vibrator will begin emitting its disruptive noise.

The great thing about this gadget is that it can be adjusted to different levels of vibrations, so you can make it more or less annoying, depending on how much you want to bother your neighbor.

It is really helpful if you’re serious about annoying your neighbor and getting them to stop their noisy activities. This is the ceiling thumber I recommends:

Know more about ceiling vibrators from here: Ceiling Vibrator

2. Magnetron


A magnetron is an electronic device that produces microwaves. It’s also known as a “Crossed Field” device due to its ability to produce powerful electromagnetic waves. 

Magnetron is mostly used in household appliances such as microwave ovens and other devices like radar and satellite communications systems, ships, airplanes, and military sites.

One particular use of the magnetron is to combat loud noises such as music or television sounds coming from a neighbor’s house.

The basic concept is to strategically install the magnetron in a location where it can effectively disrupt the electronic devices causing the noise.

This can be done by mounting this device on the outside wall of your house, near their bedroom window or somewhere else.

3. Stop speaker jammer


If your neighbor is disturbing you by playing loud music with their boombox all day long then using a stop speaker jammer can be a game changer.

A “stop speaker jammer” is a device designed to prevent or disrupt unauthorized or unwanted audio transmissions. 

It is often used in situations where there is a need to maintain control over the use of speakers or other audio equipment, such as in public speaking events, corporate meetings, and government facilities.

Now, here’s the catch: For the stop speaker jammer to work in silencing your neighbor’s boombox, their speakers must have Bluetooth capabilities. If their speakers don’t support Bluetooth, then you won’t  be able to use it.

So, before you consider using a stop speaker jammer, confirm if your neighbor’s boombox operates via Bluetooth.

4. Annoy noisy upstairs neighbors with subwoofer

subwoofer is attached with the ceiling to annoy neighbor

If you want your upstairs neighbors to hear a heavy bass from your music, mounting a subwoofer or boombox on a ceiling mount is a good option to annoy them.

This clever setup allows the sound to easily travel through the ceiling and reach your neighbors’ ears. But be sure to choose a mount that is capable of supporting the weight of your subwoofer.

Typical ceiling mounts aren’t strong enough to support the weight of a subwoofer so they can break and your subwoofer may also get damaged.

Once you have a suitable mount, set up your subwoofer or boombox and wait for those disruptive noises from upstairs. When the time comes, turn up the volume, especially the bass, and blast back at them.

The beauty of this device is that it lets you enjoy your favorite tunes while also annoying your noisy neighbor with loud sounds coming from their direction. It’s a fun way to annoy your neighbors.

This device lets you enjoy your favorite tunes while also annoying your noisy neighbor with loud sounds coming from their direction. It’s a fun way to annoy your upstairs neighbors.

5. Rubber Hammer

rubber hammer to annoy neighbors

A rubber hammer is a great choice to irritate your neighbors. While it may seem like an odd choice, but soft-face hammer is perfect for annoying your neighbors without causing any damage to surfaces.

Rubber Hammer is also known as a mallet, it features a soft, non-marring head that is designed to reduce the risk of damage to walls and ceilings.

By striking the surface with a loud, but non-damaging thud, the rubber hammer creates a perfect annoying reverberation that your noisy neighbors can’t ignore.

The head of the hammer is typically made from natural or synthetic rubber, which provides excellent cushioning and reduces the risk of scratches or damage.

So, the next time your upstairs neighbors are making noise, you can quickly and easily reply with a few well-placed thuds from your trusty rubber hammer on the ceiling or the wall.

However, if your neighbors started making more noise then start banging on the ceiling with the rubber hammers.

Just be sure to use it responsibly and avoid causing any unnecessary disruptions or conflicts.

6. Extremely Loud Alarm Timer: The Perfect Device to Annoy Your Neighbors

extremely -loud-alarm-timer

Alarm clocks are already loud enough to wake up anyone in the vicinity, but if you choose a super loud alarm clock over a regular one then imagine the level of annoyance it will cause.

This type of alarm clock has a special feature that makes it even louder than usual – a high-volume amplifier system. That way, you can make sure that your noise reaches your neighbor’s home even if they’re several blocks away.

I first noticed these “extremely loud alarm clocks” being used in a factory. These types of alarm clocks are typically made to use in such noisy environments to ensure that workers are alerted to the time. These alarm clocks need to be heard over the noise of machinery and other equipment in the factory environment.

Furthermore, I found that their noise level is above 100 dB which is super loud so no doubt it can be a great high-pitched device to annoy neighbors.

Alarm clocks are quite small in size compared to subwoofers. However, subwoofers can produce heavy-bass sound but these alarm clocks can not, but their volume is enough to drive anyone up the wall.

7. The Leaf Blower

use a leaf blower to annoy your neighbors

If you want to cause a lot of annoyance to your neighbors with a loud, irritating, and hard-to-ignore noise, then using a leaf blower is an excellent choice to go for.

This device is typically used to blow away leaves and other debris from yards and sidewalks, but it packs a powerful engine that emits a noise that can cause significant disturbance to those living nearby.

But that’s not all – the forceful air pressure shooting out of the nozzle adds to the annoyance factor.

I tested the noise level of a leaf blower and discovered it reaches a whopping 90 decibels, which is as loud as the sound of a jackhammer. 

And according to Nonoise.org, the noise level of a leaf blower can reach up to 100 dB. That’s a serious level of noise!

This makes it an effective device to annoy your neighbors if you want to get back at them for their noisy behavior.

8. High-Frequency Antenna

GM Genuine Parts 84346801 High Frequency Antenna

High-frequency antennas are the perfect device for getting back at your noisy neighbors. These antennae emit sound waves in frequencies that can be heard only by those close to them, so they won’t affect other people in the area.

What makes these antennas even more appealing is their ability to target specific homes or apartments without causing unnecessary disruption to surrounding neighbors.

However, the range of the antenna is limited, so you’ll need to make sure it’s pointed directly at the offending noise source.

The higher the frequency, the better the sound coverage and penetration. Most high-frequency antennas are adjustable, so you can tweak the angle and position to maximize the coverage area. 

You can purchase a high-frequency antenna online or in stores that sell audio equipment.

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My final thought on devices to annoy neighbors

To sum up, dealing with noisy neighbors can be a frustrating experience, and at that time, you might find yourself considering unconventional methods to make them aware of the disturbance they’re causing.

The devices mentioned in this article can help you to annoy your neighbors without any harm or damage. However, it is important to use them responsibly and prevent the situation from escalating. Remember, the goal is to address the issue, not to retaliate.

Ultimately, communication remains the most effective way to resolve conflicts with neighbors. Before turning to any of these tools, it’s worth trying to have a conversation with your neighbors, expressing your concerns, and seeking a mutually agreeable solution.

By approaching the situation with respect, understanding, and an open mind, you stand a better chance of achieving a peaceful resolution.

After all, making good relationships with your neighbor is always a win-win situation.


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