{8 Proven Ways} to deal with Upstairs Neighbors Stomping

Do you like your upstairs neighbors stomping? Probably not! In fact, this is the reason why you are here.

Noisy upstairs neighbors can make living in an apartment complex quite annoying. This is a big problem for home owners and especially people working from home and students attending online classes.

However, there are many ways deal with it and here’s I am going to give you 8 effective way to deal with upstairs neighbors stomping so you can feel comfortable in your home again.

Let’s dive in:

Why do upstairs neighbors stomp?

Your upstairs neighbor might be stomping for various reasons. Sometimes, they might not realize their activities are loud, like walking or moving furniture.

The apartment might not have good soundproofing, making normal sounds seem louder. If they have kids, pets, or move heavy things, that can also create noise.

Sometimes, people have different schedules, so they might be doing things at odd hours which can be noisy for you. It’s also possible that they might not notice the noise if it doesn’t bother them, due to habits.

While it’s okay to think about it, it’s not a good idea to believe they’re making noise on purpose without any proof.

How does upstairs neighbors stomping can impact your quality of life?

Upstairs neighbors stomping can have a significant impact on your quality of life, and I can speak from personal experience. When I had to deal with this issue, it really made my life less enjoyable. The constant noise was not just a minor annoyance; it was a major disruption.

Firstly, the noise was a constant source of irritation. It really makes it tough to relax after a long day and concentrate on work, and sometimes in the evening when upstairs stomp it makes the evening less enjoyable. 

Additionally, when the stomping, loud footsteps and loud volume occur at odd hours, such as late at night, it badly messes up with my night sleep and prevents me from getting a good night’s sleep which leads to fatigue and a decrease in productivity during the day and it also resulted in dark circles under my eyes.

8 Proven Ways to deal with Upstairs Neighbor Stomping

Here are the 8 best ways to stop noisy upstairs neighbors stomping and have the peace and quiet you deserve.

1: Talk to your neighbor

The best ways to deal with upstairs neighbor stomping is to talk to them directly. Communication is the key when trying to solve any type of problem.

Before taking any other steps to deal with your upstairs neighbor stomping, start talking calmly and politely with your upstairs neighbor about the issue.

Explain to them how the stomping is affecting you and ask if they can help by reducing the stomping. Your neighbors may not even be aware of the disturbance they are creating.

If they seem unresponsive to your conversation, consider writing a polite note. Telling them that you hear their footsteps and the sound of music, and if will be good if you reduce it.

If talking to your neighbor or writing them a note doesn’t work, it may be time to contact the landlord and the next option is all about it.

2: Get your landlord involved

If telling the problem and writing a note to your upstairs doesn’t work, it’s better to complain to the landlord.

But before that, prepare a document that includes how long the noise has been going on, how it is disruptive to you, and when it occurs, and also let the landlord know that you’ve asked them before to keep their noise level low.

Once you have gathered evidence, provide your evidence clearly and concisely to your landlord. Your landlord may talk to them and ask them to keep their noise levels down.

If that doesn’t work, the landlord can take action like charging additional fees, imposing fines or evicting your upstairs depending on the severity of the situation.

3: Try using earplugs

If your upstairs neighbor has tried their best to reduce the noise level they are producing but still it feels you bothering, then you should try using earplugs to reduce that noise impact even further.

Earplugs doesn’t cost much. Just make sure to choose one that is that is designed for noise cancellation.

However, keep in mind that using earplugs is only a temporary solution for dealing with noise from neighbors.

4: Get a white noise machine

In my opinion, investing in a white noise machine is an excellent and smart way to deal with upstairs neighbors stomping. White noise machine is a type of device that masks other background noises by creating a low-level pleasant sound.

They and are simple to use, as they can be plugged into a power outlet and set to the desired level of sound intensity.

White noise machines can be especially helpful if you live in an apartment building where you hear a lot of people roaming the halls late at night.

5: Soundproof your ceiling to lower the impact of upstairs neighbors stomping

soundproof a ceiling using mineral wool insulation and drywall

Another great way to deal with noisy upstairs neighbors is to soundproof your ceiling. Soundproofing your ceiling can be expensive, but it will reduce the level of noise generated by your noisy upstairs to an unnoticeable level. (Read: How To Soundproof a Ceiling From Noisy Upstairs Neighbors?)

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6: Try to stomp back to stop upstairs neighbors stomping

Stomping back is a great way to show your upstairs neighbors that they aren’t the only ones who can make noise and cause disturbance.

This will also lets your upstairs neighbors know that you’re listening to them and that it’s bothering you. Be sure to stomp in the same pattern as them, as this will send a stronger message than if you just stomp randomly.

You can use annoying devices for your upstairs neighbors, such as a ceiling vibrator or mount a subwoofer on the ceiling using a ceiling mount, and get back at them when they will stomp.

If you don’t want to stomp back, then consider calling the police.

7: Call the Police

If your landlord won’t tell them to stop upstairs neighbor stomping or if you’re still struggling to stop your noisy upstairs neighbor then you may need to get the cops involved.

Although it may sound harsh, but stomping is a violation of your landlord’s rental agreement. However, before making the call, it’s important to document the problem. Note the date and time of disturbance and, if possible, record their stomping. This will serve as evidence.


8: Move out

If you’re dealing with a particularly irate upstairs neighbor who won’t stop stomping or your landlord doesn’t care about your situation, and you don’t want to involve the police, then all you have to do is move away from the place to a new peaceful place. Yes, you heard it right!

Moving can give you the peace and relaxation you deserve. When considering a apartment, look for ones that have fewer floors or that don’t have apartments directly above yours.

You can also ask about any renovations or soundproofing that has been done to the property, if noise is a big concern for you.

Can I record my neighbors noise?

Yes, you can record noise from your neighbors, especially if it’s causing a disturbance. Recording can provide evidence if you need to discuss the issue with them or involve management.

However, it’s important to be mindful of privacy laws in your area. Recording in public spaces like common areas might be more acceptable than recording within someone’s private space.

How to record upstairs neighbor stomping?

To record your upstairs neighbor’s stomping sounds:

  1. Put a recording device (like a phone) in the middle of your room, near the ceiling where the noise is loud.
  2. Make sure it’s quiet around you when you start recording, so you can hear the stomping clearly.
  3. Begin recording a bit before you expect the stomping to happen (like when it usually does).
  4. Record for a few minutes to catch enough of the stomping sound.
  5. Write down the date and time when you recorded.
  6. Remember to only record sounds, and not any private conversations or activities
  7. Listen to the recording to check if the stomping is clear.

Remember, the goal is to address the noise issue, so use the recordings responsibly and avoid sharing them without proper reason.

FAQs: Upstairs neighbors Stomping

Q1. Is it normal to hear upstairs neighbors walking?

Ans: Yes, it’s quite normal to hear some level of noise from upstairs neighbors walking. In most buildings, especially older ones or those without good soundproofing, footsteps and movements can be heard to some extent. It’s common when you live in an apartment building where the spaces are shared.

Q2. How to quiet upstairs neighbors footsteps?

Ans: To quiet upstairs neighbors footsteps, you can try a few things. First, talk to them nicely about it and ask if they can be mindful of their footsteps. They could also use rugs or carpets to absorb the noise. If they’re okay with it, they can use special materials under their floor to reduce noise.

Q3. Is it rude to ask your upstairs neighbors to stop stomping?

Ans: No, it’s not rude to ask your upstairs neighbors to stop stomping, especially if their noise is causing a disturbance. Open communication is key in resolving such issues. Talk to your upstairs neighbors politely and respectfully, explaining how the noise is affecting you. Usually, people would understand and want to find a way to solve the issue together.

Q4. How do you politely ask your neighbors to be quiet?

Ans: The best way to tell your neighbors to be quiet is to talk to them in person. Most people will understand if you explain your problem politely. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to your neighbors face-to-face, you can also leave a note on their door.

Q5: Can I sue my upstairs neighbor for stomping?

Ans: According to Super Lawyers, the answer is yes, you can sue your upstairs neighbors for stomping. You can take legal action against them for making loud stomping noises. However, it’s usually better to try other solutions first before going down this path.

Q6: How to revenge noisy upstairs neighbors stomping?

Ans: To revenge noisy upstairs neighbors stomping you can use devices such as ceiling vibrator, loud alarm timer to to revenge noisy upstairs neighbors stomping.

Q7. Can I request a change of apartment unit to escape stomping noise?

Ans: Yes, you can request a change of apartment unit to escape stomping noise, but it depends on your landlord’s policies and unit availability.

Q8. How to get a peaceful night’s sleep despite the stomping of upstairs neighbors?

Ans: Getting a peaceful night’s sleep despite upstairs neighbors stomping can be challenging, but I’ve learned a few tricks from my own experience that might help. The first trick is to combine using noise-canceling earplugs and white noise that generates calming sounds to mask the stomping sounds. Another trick that I tried and worked well for me and that you can try is to engage in physical activities before bed, like running, exercise basically any activities that make you feel tired so when you go to bed, you fall asleep more easily and quickly despite the noise.

My Final Thought

To wrap up, dealing with noisy upstairs neighbors stomping can be really frustrating, but there are many effective strategies to stop their stomping.

In my opinion, open communication is by far the way to stop upstairs neighbor stomping and it should be your first approach.

Having a nice conversation with your upstairs neighbor can help them understand the problem, and you might find a solution together.

However, If that doesn’t help, you can talk to your landlord. Show them proof of the noise and explain how it bothers you. They will most likely warn them and ask them to stop the disturbance.

By the way, if you are seeking quick relief, using earplugs or investing in a white noise machine can provide temporary solace.

But if you want a fix that lasts longer, think about soundproofing your ceiling and making it better at blocking sounds. This can make the noise from upstairs not bother you as much.

Even though it might be tempting to stomp back at them, it’s usually better to try nicer ways. In cases of extreme disturbance, you can call the police, but only do that if nothing else works.

If nothing help and you can’t stand it anymore, then I would recommend you think about finding a new place to live. Remember, it’s important to talk nicely and try different things before you do something extreme.

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